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Persian gifts + Do you know Iranian Persian Gifts?

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Wide range of Persian gift:

Tourists traveling to all parts of Iran can give sort of Persian gift or souvenir such as conventional textures, quilts, desserts and nuts and flavors, hand-woven carpets and kilims, and etching for their adored ones. Different cities of Iran have interesting Persian gifts and souvenirs that are made within the flawlessness of aesthetics, style and adoration.


In spite of the fact that touring in Iranian markets appears alluring and fabulous; But it is superior to induce familiarity with the most excellent trinkets having a place in each city in your Iran tourism so merely can return to your city with a full hand.

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Traditional clothes or fabrics:

Conventional textures are different, completely different cities of Iran. For instance, etching is the craftsmanship of printing or weaving on texture, which has a place in the Isfahan area, and specialists etch geometric, botanical and plant plans and abstracts on cotton fabrics with wooden stamps.

Pete (or pete-embroidery) could be a sort of Kerman weaving, and pete-embroidered specialists, most of whom are housewives and young ladies, with the assistance of needles, weave mental plans that are propelled by their individual thoughts and bits of knowledge with colorful cotton fastens.

Termeh is additionally one of the best and Appropriate Persian gift, hand-woven and silk textures of Yazd, which is exceptionally popular, and bended designs such as Jaqa bushes and Shah Abbasi blooms in several colors are utilized in cashmere. Cashmere is utilized for sacks, shoes, tablecloths and adornments sacks.

Giveh as an Appropriate Persian gift:

Giveh may be a kind of summer footwear, light, tough and reasonable for long strolls, particularly for country men and is considered as a craftsmanship in districts of Iran such as Fars, Isfahan, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Kermanshah and Zanjan.

All stages of generation of this shoe are manual and are by and large made of carpet yarn, silk yarn and its sole is made of texture, calfskin or elastic. The upper bouts highlighted two cutaways, for less demanding get to the higher worries, and the lower bouts highlighted two cutaways, for simpler get to to the higher fusses. The upper bouts included two cutaways, for simpler get to the higher worries.

In later a long time, nearby specialists have attempted to accommodate this conventional craftsmanship with the tastes of more youthful eras, and this has restored Giveh.


Outside visitors moreover purchase these shoes, in spite of the fact that the reason of this buy isn’t to wear Giveh; They hang these special works of craftsmanship on the dividers for racks of their homes, and when they see them, they keep in mind the wealthy culture and souvenir of Iran.

Iranian Giveh

Sweets, nuts and spices as Persian gift:

Individuals who cherish desserts will unquestionably drop in adore with Sohan Qom and Gaz Isfahan. Iran itself is the center of pistachio generation within the world and is the most excellent place for remote sightseers to require it as a trinket.

Saffron is additionally one of those souvenirs and Persian gifts called ruddy gold and it is broadly utilized in Iranian nourishment and desserts. The center of the saffron industry is 8 cities of Mashhad.

Rose is another brilliant gift of Iran, which is extricated from Mohammadi rose or rose, and the finest of them are sold in Kashan. In truth, nowadays Kashan city in Isfahan area is the biggest maker of this item within the world with the generation of 15,000 tons of roses.

Persian carpet, Gabbeh and Kilim as souvenir:

Iran features all inclusive notoriety in Carpet, Kilim and Gabbeh. Persian carpet is one of the highlights of Iranian culture and craftsmanship as well as one of the driving trades. You’ll be troublesome to discover the Secure put for requesting the Persian painstaking works. We assist you to have the Persian Craftsmanship in your dazzling domestic.

Persian Gabbeh is one of the highlights of Iranian culture, the best Persian gift and craftsmanship as well as one of the driving messages. You will be troublesome to discover the Secure put for requesting the Persian painstaking works. We assist you to have the Persian Craftsmanship in your beautiful home.

persian carpet

Persian Kilim is one of the highlights of Iranian culture and craftsmanship as well as one of the driving trades, too. Kilim could be a basic hand-woven texture made of tar (cotton or fleece) and weft (fleece), ordinarily woven from the fleece of tamed creatures, each region has its claim plan and is for the most part utilized as a floor covering. Varieties have other employments other than carpet among the wanderers: counting salt shaker, horse rack, tent strip.

Kilim or rich may be a type of craftsmanship underlayment and covering that’s woven from silk, goat hair, downy or other household creatures as a famous Persian gifts and souvenirs. The kilim, in its conventional shape, is commonly utilized to cover floors, dividers or quilts for load-bearing creatures, but is presently  obtained as a present day cover for townhouses.

Iranian Gabbeh


Minakari is a symbol of Iranian and Iranian art as Persian gift:

Minakari is a craftsmanship that encompasses a history of approximately five thousand a long time and is considered one of the foremost critical painstaking works and well-known Persian gifts and souvenirs in Iran. This craftsmanship could be a combination of fire and soil that’s blended with the craftsmanship of portraiture as it makes wonderful designs of blossoms and chickens and so on.

The overwhelming color of this craftsmanship is purplish blue; In any case, ruddy and green can too be seen in it. Nowadays, this craftsmanship is generally done on copper, but it can too be done on gold and silver. Gold is the metal that does not oxidize when the finish dissolves, so it is possible to create a plan with as much detail and likeness as conceivable on the finish, whereas copper and silver finishes don’t have this quality.

Isfahan is full of crafted works and it isn’t astounding that there are numerous painstaking works in this wonderful city. Finish samples are arranged within the shape of plates, vases, mugs and other enriching objects, and Isfahan Bazaar artists are too making these exceptional works within the ancient portion of the bazaar.

Minakari is a symbol of Iranian and Iranian art as Persian gift

Turquoise, a universal global stone as a Persian gift:

The city of Neyshabur isn’t known as it was for the celebrated Iranian writer, Omar Khayyam; The turquoises of this locale is an exceptionally popular Persian gift. Fair exterior the city, there are a few mines from which turquoise is mined and cut and used in jewelry. Turquoise is additionally utilized in works of craftsmanship such as carving turquoise.

Turquoise is considered to be one of the crafted works of Iran, which is made by putting little pieces of turquoise stone in a mosaic shape on the surface of dishes, adornments and embellishing objects (from bases made of copper, brass, silver, Warsaw or bronze). A kind of dull enamel is put between the turquoise pieces. The more expanded and organized the turquoise dish and the latter the remove between the turquoise pieces, the more prominent its imaginative esteem.

wide range of persian gift

In the event that you’re seeking out for uncut turquoise stones, you’ll purchase it from turquoise shops in Neyshabur or Mashhad, and in case you’re trying to find turquoise and cut stones, you’ll discover them in trustworthy turquoise shops all over Iran. To recognize Iranian turquoise from Tibetan and American turquoise, you’ll pay consideration to the dull and unpleasant veins in Iranian turquoise.

In Iranian culture, turquoise has mending, recuperating and eye assurance properties. In expansion, you’ll see the turquoise color within the beautifications of Iranian mosques and royal residences, which can be seen in plenitude.

Turquoise worked on dishes

Pottery and ceramics dishes as the best Persian gift:

Visiting the National Historical center of Iran appears to you the long history Pottery and ceramics in Iran, which dates back to some times recently the Persian Domain. At display, cities such as Lahijan, Meybod and Natanz still keep this antiquated convention, which is advertised to the client within the shape of hand-painted dishes and glasses. The city of Lalejin in Hamadan area is enrolled as the earthenware capital of the world.

Etching on dishes, makes the best souvenir:

Etching is the conventional expression and Persian gift of Iran, which incorporates brightening and carving designs on metal objects to make the unique Persian gift, particularly copper, gold, silver, brass. They pay. This craftsmanship with its history of a few thousand a long time, got to be well known amid the Achaemenid period and come to its crest amid the Sassanid period.

These days, for to begin with etching, the interior or beneath the holder or plate, which is more often than not made of silver or gold, is filled with an arrangement of bitumen and gypsum to decrease the commotion of the write conjointly to anticipate the holder from penetrating amid work.

best persian gift

Then draw the specified part on the dish, select the suitable write and put it on the surface of the dish. The end of the write is at that point pounded to form grooves and maps by changing the concentration of the effect on the holder. When sightseers visit the Isfahan bazaar, they will without a doubt listen to the strokes of the teachers who have kept this craftsmanship lively.

Etching on dishes

Saffron, the red gold:

No one questions that saffron is one of the leading gifts. On the one hand, it is light and does not weigh down the suitcase, on the other hand, it gives a really great color and scent to the food.

We discover saffron in several bundles with different costs. In spite of the fact that great saffron can be bought from Mashhad. When traveling to Iran, worldwide sightseers plan saffron as a main Persian gift and souvenir.

Saffron, the red gold

Introducing Persian gift and souvenir of a few cities in Iran:

  • Tabriz Souvenirs (East Azerbaijan Province): East Azerbaijan, with its precipitous climate and prolific arrival, is domestic to an assortment of plants, agrarian and green items. In expansion, the Turks have continuously been classy and tasteful. Hence, you’ll be able bring all sorts of delightful desserts as gifts from Tabriz. Desserts counting Gharabieh, Nogha, Reese and Cheese Sugar are among the sorts of Tabriz trinkets. But Tabriz gifts are not constrained to nourishment.

Carpet, extricated from Iranian craftsmanship, is one of the finest items of East Azerbaijan territory. The wonderful carpet of Tabriz, which is primarily the result of the endeavors and craftsmanship of the young ladies and ladies of this area, will be a profitable trinket. Carpet can be considered as the brightest item among Iranian gifts since it is woven and sold in other areas as well. Carpets woven with the texture of the individuals of that locale.

  • Isfahan Souvenirs (Isfahan Province): Isfahan is continuously visited by sightseers who need to appreciate the history, craftsmanship and culture of this locale. Numerous gifts are moreover accessible for these visitors. Gaz is one of the foremost popular trinkets of Isfahan. Polaki, Karaki desserts, Sohan Asali and Gulab Kashan are moreover among the gifts of Isfahan area.

Carvings, decorates and calligraphy textures are other Persian gift arts and souvenirs of Isfahan. In expansion to these copper utensils, you’ll be able to bring gifts of embroidered artwork and tiling from Isfahan.

  • Bushehr Souvenir (Bushehr Province): Bushehr is one of the foremost wonderful and fabulous southern areas of the nation. Angles and shrimp can be considered as Persian gift and souvenir of Bushehr. Dates and Khark (unripe dates) are other gifts of Bushehr. Among the painstaking work, you’ll be able moreover bring tangle weaving and weaving works from Bushehr as gifts for those around you.
  • Shiraz Souvenirs (Fars Province): Fars is one of the foremost excellent and prolific areas of the nation. This huge territory is domestic to an assortment of valuable plants and rural items. The foremost critical trinkets of Shiraz are different homegrown characters and lemon juice. Other Shiraz Persian gift arts and souvenirs incorporate Shirazi lemon, Muscat, Shirazi cake, Shirazi halva and Yokheh bread.

Saffron, the red gold of Iran

Sweets, nuts, and spices, a variety of Persian gift

Iranian sweets and nuts are very popular among tourists around the world. Many of them go to Qom to buy the best type of Sohan or to buy the best type of Gaz in Isfahan. Nuts and especially Iranian pistachios are also very popular among the people of the world.

Apart from Gaz, Sohan, and Pistachio, every city in Iran have its own famous and special sweets that have become very popular among foreign and domestic tourists. In addition, one of the most famous Persian gifts in Iran is saffron or red gold.

Sabalan Honey: The most famous souvenir of Ardabil

Ardabil province and the Sabalan region are some of the important centers of honey production in the country. Ardabil honey has a unique taste due to the plains of coriander, gooseberry, thyme, and acacia.

You can find different kinds of honey in Ardabil with coriander, thyme, and astragalus flavors and bring them with you as a souvenir of Ardabil. Each of these kinds of honey has different healing properties. For example, coriander honey is appetizing and helps treat infectious diseases of the body.

The most famous souvenir of Ardabil

Souvenirs of Zahedan (Souvenirs of Sistan and Baluchestan Province)

Sistan and Baluchestan province is ideal land for growing tropical crops due to its warm climate. Therefore, dates, mangoes, bananas, coconuts, cucumbers, etc. can be delicious souvenirs of Sistan and Baluchestan province for your loved ones.

Another souvenir of Sistan and Baluchestan province is the valuable handicrafts of this province. For example, Soozan Doozi, Khameh Doozi, Siah Doozi, mat weaving, and kilim weaving. In general, if you travel to Sistan and Baluchestan province, do not neglect to buy souvenirs of Zahedan and the whole province.

Souvenirs of Zahedan (Souvenirs of Sistan and Baluchestan Province)

Rasht Souvenirs (Souvenirs of Gilan Province)

Olive is the most popular souvenir in Gilan province. Other souvenirs of Gilan province include jasmine baklava, dried noodles, and peanuts. As a souvenir of Rasht, you can also buy a variety of handicrafts including mat weaving and felt. Another souvenir of Rasht is a variety of cookies. Of course, you will find the most famous cookies of Gilan in Fooman.

Rasht Souvenirs (Souvenirs of Gilan Province)


What are the best and most Persian gifts?

Traditional clothes, cultural products, all kinds of food and sweets, and beautiful handicrafts are the best and most popular Persian gifts.

What is the most famous souvenir of Iranian cities?

Mashhad saffron, Tabriz carpet, Turkmen port scarf, Lahijan tea, Fooman cake, Ardabil honey, Zanjan knife, Mina Kari, Isfahan turmeric, and pottery are the most famous souvenirs of Iran.

Why is the variety of Persian gifts so great?

Iran is one of the oldest countries in the world. From ancient times, in Iran, various arts were discovered and invented and attractive products were made. In addition, Iran has more natural resources than all European countries!

How to buy the best Persian gifts?

Persian gifts are very attractive and popular; But if you are worried about buying Persian gifts, contact us. From anywhere in the world, you can easily buy the best products of Iran.

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