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Do you know Minakari?

Minakari is a combination of fire and soil that blends into the art of painting and creates beautiful roles. According to some experts, and in pursuit of adapting pearls to Iranian works, this art has been formed in Iran.

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The meaning of minakari:

Minakari in words the closest exacting meaning to Minakari for sale is blue sky. Minakari for sale could be a work of craftsmanship in which diverse plans, ordinarily with a white write, are engraved on copper, silver and gold utensils.


The foundation color of the themes is ordinarily blue, green and some of the time red, which, on the off chance that we see at the Minakari painted dishes through the eyes of craftsmanship, is reminiscent of the lovely blue sky. Perhaps that’s why the title of this craftsmanship has been called MinaKari.

Minakari on wall-clock

Introduction of Minakari for sale:

Minakari for sale art is the craftsmanship of enameling, which incorporates a history of almost five thousand a long time and is considered a workmanship. Nowadays, this craftsmanship is for the most part done on copper, but it can moreover be done on gold, silver, and ceramics. Gold is the metal that does not oxidize when the finish dissolves, so it makes it conceivable to execute a plan with as much detail and likeness as conceivable on the finish, whereas copper and silver finishes don’t have this quality.

Minakari on gold is the craftsmanship of Sabeans living in Ahvaz and is known as Sabi gold. Minakari is shaped from the combination of metal oxides and a few sorts of salts within the nearness of tall temperatures (750 to 850 ° C) that colors are shaped over time and based on temperature. Nowadays in Iran is the center of generation of ceramics in Isfahan and Minakari jewelry in Ahvaz and prominent masters are locked in within the generation of Minakari.


The complete history of enameling or Mina Kari

Mina Kari was an intrinsic sensory art of religious origin among different ethnic groups. The history of this art goes back to the skill of Egyptian artists in using glass glaze on some objects. The oldest surviving specimen is a gold bead belonging to the Masonic civilization around 1450 BC. Is. It is decorated with blue glaze and Mina Kari.

The Greeks became acquainted with Mina Kari around the sixth century BC. Using this method, they decorated the ornaments, which were made by tapestry with very thin gold and silver wires, with enamel glaze.

Celtic artists also used enameling in jewelry in 400 BC, and this art was common until the Roman Empire ruled the land. In addition to decorating jewelry with carved gemstones, the Romans also used Mina Kari to decorate medals and large pieces of jewelry.

After the birth of Christ, the production of Mina Kari belonging to the Byzantine period reached its peak. The eighth to twelfth centuries, which were painted on pure gold with pure colors and plant motifs, shows the highest level of this art in the Middle Ages.

Mina Kari

The dramatic changes and new methods of Mina Kari art reached their peak during the Renaissance. In the seventeenth century, enamel painting was used to decorate small objects, and in the eighteenth century, many English watchmakers used enameled plates for various clocks.

The spread of industrial methods such as the use of advanced furnaces, ready-to-print designs that were turned on a white enamel background and decorated with enamel colors, enabled artists to produce a variety of works in a shorter time.

The use of copper metal instead of gold and the use of ready-to-print designs that could be used on several occasions made the produced enamel works available to the public. Among these, small boxes of snuff, many of which were reminiscent of a particular date or place, are among the most common remnants of the eighteenth century.

Antiquity of art Minakari for sale in Iran:

Minakari or Meenakari with a history of almost five thousand a long time has been utilized to improve different decorations and utensils. This Minakari may be a combination of fire and soil that blends with the craftsmanship of portraiture to make wonderful plans. Concurring to a few specialists, taking after the adjustment of Byzantine pottery with Iranian works, this craftsmanship was shaped in Iran and after that went to other nations.

Of course, relics have been found in Europe that have an awfully long history. For case, six gold rings from the 13th century BC have been found in Cyprus, which are cases of decorated earthenware. The popular statue of Zeus found in Greece dates back to 500 BC.

Actually the case of finish glass on metal; And within the unearthing carried out in Nahavand, a combination of gold hoops has been found, the fashion of which is related to the seventh to eighth centuries BC.

How to do Minakari for sale?

Minakari for sale can moreover be done on gold and silver objects, but fundamentally enameling is done on copper. To plan the finish, a few steps must be taken; In this way, to begin with what they need to paint the finish in any shape and measure must be molded by a master metal forger, and after it is made, the ace enamaker paints it white coat, as a rule three to three It is coated four times and each time, the question goes to the broiler and sees a temperature of approximately 700 to settle the color of the coat. At that point it is painted with diverse colors.

The open protest at that point goes to the heater and sees a temperature of approximately 400 to 500 degrees to urge the colors as desired.

Gold is additionally utilized to form ruddy Minakari for sale. The green color of Minakari for sale is gotten from copper and its yellow color is gotten from mung bean blossom. Blue and turquoise are made of metals and white is made of uncommon paints, which are well gotten within the Iraqi cities of Samarra.

How to do Minakari for sale?

The effect of minakari for sale:

The predominance of Minakari for sale industry in Isfahan dates back to the Pahlavi time and around 1310 Advertisement, and particularly amid the final thirty a long time, this industry was created by one of the ace teachers of Isfahan, Mr. Shokrallah Sanizadeh, and understudies were prepared in this school, each of whom They opened another window for the craftsmanship of earthenware.

So distant, almost five hundred experts and laborers are locked in within the generation of finish objects. Most of the things that the current finish creators offer to the advertise are: hoops – little breasts – neck bands – rings – huge and little boxes of women’s cosmetics – cigarette cans – trim and finish boxes – tea benefit and … eating finish – syrup Finish silverware – Finish bubbles – Finish plate – Finish vases in numerous sizes – Expansive and little finish canvases combined with other expressions such as plating, decorate and miniature Enamelled entryways, windows and hallowed places for the tombs of Shiite Imams in Karbala, Najaf, Samarra, Mashhad, Qom, Hazrat Abdul Azim and other heavenly places.

Pattern used in the minakari for sale:

Complex geometric designs have been utilized within the creation of these works of handicrafts, which appears profound considering and the utilize of Iranian taste and craftsmanship to deliver these crafted works. You must be enamelware too. you have seen a work with the plan of the sun and you’ve fallen in cherish with them without any pardon.

This plan utilized within the generation of Minakari for sale is called Mitra plan. Islamic plans, which are one of the celebrated models of Islamic civilization, are other plans that are utilized for Minakari on dishes. In expansion, blossom and tree designs are utilized within the creation of these works.

Different types of Minakari for sale:

Diverse sorts of Minakari for sale are utilized for enameling, which makes it troublesome for individuals who are looking to enhance their domestic with the assistance of these works of craftsmanship. Criteria influencing the quality of Minakari ought to be considered as takes after:

  • Chosen metal material of Minakari for sale
  • Its shape and looks
  • The accuracy and style that the craftsman has utilized to form this work.
  • The temperature of the broiler in which the holder is put.

Different types of Minakari for sale

Minakari for sale on flowerpots:

Maybe one of the foremost wonderful and eye-catching sorts of Minakari can be seen on a pottery vase. These dishes are utilized not as it were for domestic enhancement, but moreover to animate any space and environment. The dazzling plans utilized on these vases take off no room for question. Of course, all sorts of finish vases are made in several colors, but the utilize of purplish blue color, not as it were, gives soul and fashion to your domestic enrichment, but will moreover instill a kind of unwinding feeling in you.

Maybe the appearance of Iranian craftsmanship ought to be considered in enameled copper vases that pull in the eye in a shocking way and can barely be ignored. So in the event that you’re looking to beautify your home, we suggest simply don’t miss this work of craftsmanship in any way.

Minakari for sale on sweet-dish:

Chocolate dishes are not as perfect for sitting on the table, but they can also be utilized for serving. Too, in case you’re seeking out for a special and true Iranian have, utilizing this dish will be an incredible idea. It is curious to know that finish dishes are simple to wash and hence you may be able to utilize them without any stress!

Minakari for sale on sweet-dish

Minakari for sale on plates and dishes:

Undoubtedly, you’ll not discover any more important works of craftsmanship than enameled plates to enhance your domestic. These dishes will be given not as it were exclusively, but moreover surrounded following the inlay. Using this wonderful work of craftsmanship will not as it were deliver a staggering impact to your domestic, but moreover the colors and patterns utilized in it’ll take you to the foot of the history of Iranian culture and craftsmanship. Finish on the plate can be seen in different plans, which you’ll be able to select from concurring to your individual taste.

Minakari for sale on plates and dishes

Other types of Minakari for sale:

In common, there are no limitations for finish on distinctive dishes, which is why we see a wide assortment of these sorts of works of art Minakari for sale. For illustration,an enameled divider clock is another Iranian craftsmanship that will have a noteworthy effect on your domestic decoration.

Sugar, salt shakers and other sorts of ceramics can be seen among these works of craftsmanship, which have a moderately tall strength and resistance to different conditions. So these dishes are not as it were extraordinary thoughts for domestic enrichment but too down to earth due to their tall strength.

There are too numerous websites, through which you’ll be able get familiar with different sorts of Minakari dishes. The foremost popular and global website called shop Iran art, presents you to an assortment of finish dishes.

The process of production Minakari for sale:

Numerous specialists discover the method of Minakari for sale and etching on dishes complicated, since making a profitable work of craftsmanship requires time, ability and accuracy.

The process of production Minakari for sale

  1. Choosing the right bed: As mentioned earlier, different utensils are used for enameling or finishing. But what will be more important than the type of container is the bed that is used for enameling.

Distinctive sorts of Minakari bed incorporate the following: Copper, Silver and Rice.

In spite of the fact that within the past, enameling was too done on glass, tiles and ceramics, but now copper metal is the foremost well-known. The reason for this is often the two variables of adaptability and great arrangement of copper metal.

  1. Glaze minakari dishes: At this organization, the surface of the dish is secured with white coat and typically done by plunging the finish dishes in white coat. The holder will at that point be put in a broiler with a temperature of at slightest 750 ° C. Of course, this preparation is rehashed a few times, and the reason for the tall resistance of finish holders to disappointment and splitting ought to be considered this organizer of the generation process. If you’re inquisitive around the glaze used at this organization, we must say that it could be a combination of silicon, magnesium, potassium, lead, feldspar, kaolin, zirconium, boric corrosive and tin.

Glaze minakari dishes

  1. Painting the Minakari dishes: The metal body of the dish is prepared for any kind of etching after coating. In common, this arrangement depends on the taste and inventiveness of the craftsman, what design and colors Use staggering to create these dishes and make a work of craftsmanship.

The colors that will be used in Minakari for sale are as follows:

  • Turquoise color, Turquoise paints made from tin, lead precious stone, rock and copper.
  • Yellow color, which is delivered from press oxide, tin oxide and lead oxide.
  • Blue color, which is the foremost broadly utilized paint in finish, is created from cobalt oxide, zinc oxide and rock.
  • The Green color, which is created from lead chromate, copper and rock.

The colors that will be used in Minakari for sale

Take the Minakari dishes in Furnace:

After coloring the dishes of minakari for sale, they are put back within the broiler, which is warmed to a temperature of 600 degrees Celsius. The ultimate color of these dishes is decided after clearing out the oven. Although within the past, mineral colors were utilized to excite these dishes, nowadays, chemical colors are for the most part utilized for portraying and making different designs.

What is Mina Kari and what are its uses?

Mina Kari is the brilliant art of fire and earth with baked and bright colors. “The art of enamel painting reached its peak in the Safavid period in Iran and continues to this day.

Method of making and preparing Mina dishes

Select the metal that is to be the main material and then make it in any shape and size that is desired by a specialist blacksmith. After that, it is uniformly painted white by the master enamaker.

What is MINA Making Tools?

Various tools are used to build Mina. These tools include:

  • Small, large, and western pliers
  • Line belt
  • Wooden hammer
  • grater
  • sandpaper
  • Sharp pen
  • Wide nail
  • Meter

What are the types of Glazes in Mina Kari

  • Industrial metallic enamel glaze (opaque and transparent)
  • Artistic enamel glaze (matte and transparent)

Industrial metallic enamel glaze has more practical aspects and less artistic aspects. Mina artistic glaze is considered in terms of the chemical structure according to the type of metal used, and compounds.

In Conclusion:

Based on what has been said, Minakari for sale is known as one of the sorts of painstaking work in Isfahan and Iran, whose staggering plans have a worldwide notoriety. There are diverse sorts of utensils that have picked up an uncommon impact due to finish work and thus are perfect for domestic decoration.

From table vases to surrounded plates are a few of the works that grant soul to the insides enrichment of your domestic. So if you’re looking to create a crucial altar in your domestic, don’t miss this unique Iranian craftsmanship in any way!

Art of Minakari makes you home and dishes unique


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