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Persian mug and Iranian Mug

Persian Mug is considered as a blessing for your companions and family from the arrival of Persia. Persian Mug, Eden Colors Plan will bring eastern spirits to your house or your friend’s house. This will give you usable house dishes for you to select from to bring old designs to your standard of! living Or a lasting blessing for your companions!


The most excellent 100% Dishwasher and Microwave secure, this premium quality mug makes the idealize blessing for everyone.No have to figure the measure, no contracting and One Estimate Fits All! Now you’ll be able appreciate the delight of employing a respectable, excellent and unadulterated Iranian artwork.

Printed on the most noteworthy quality mugs. Dress the container up indeed more by putting extra endowments interior, such as stickers, magnets, candies, chocolates, or their favorite coffee beans and tea. Dress the glass up indeed more by putting extra endowments interior, such as stickers, magnets, candies, chocolates, or their favorite coffee beans and tea.

History of using mugs or ceramic cups

History of using mugs or ceramic cups

The use of ceramic cups or mugs dates back to the time of early humans and about six thousand years ago. At that time, each person had an attractive earthenware or wooden cup and it was used to drink different liquids. After more than thousands of years, the use of these ceramic cups has become popular again and has taken place in everyday life today.

There are so many marketing and advertising companies around the world today trying to get everyone to have a mug. Production of various models of ceramic cups has been successful in recent years. Due to the recession in the market for the sale of various glasses, this product has been able to generate very good sales profits.

In ancient times, different models of ceramic cups were used, but the appearance of these mugs was not very similar to modern ceramic mugs. At that time, different models of mugs were made of materials such as mud, bone, wood, stone, etc., and were used by humanity. Also, the use of mugs is not as widespread as it is today and it has only been used for special occasions such as celebrations. But today, unlike in the past, different models are widely used.

Why is Mug suitable for drinking?

using persian mugs

“The heaviness of the glass makes us believe that it is better to drink in the glass,” explains Charles Spence, a psychologist at the University of Oxford. You may also be accustomed to believing that drinks served in paper and light cups belong to cheap places; So the weight of the glass is kind of a reminder of better quality in our minds.

To test his theory, Professor Spence asked two groups of volunteers to choose one tea from a table marked A and another from a table marked B. Volunteers preferred all A drinks because they described them as “sweeter”. While the professor had thrown a 30-gram weight into A glass!

Types of Persian mug or ceramic cup:

Types of Persian mug or ceramic cup

  1. Wooden Persian mug: Wood mugs were nearly the primary sort of mugs to be utilized within the removed past and in most parts of the world since they were simple to form by hand and so most individuals might utilize them. These mugs were especially used in nations with high quality trees. Since wood does not have a really long rack life, there’s no follow of wood mugs from the past. Today, the generation of wooden mugs is totally distinctive and can be made in industrial facilities. Jujube wood is as of now the leading sort of wood for making wooden mugs.

Wooden mug

  1. Clay mugs: Not much is known approximately earthenware in old Iran. But agreeing to later unearthings by the Archeological Inquire about Center of Iran, one of the foremost critical advancements in ceramic ceramics innovation, which incorporates coated earthenware and ceramic mugs or glasses, was utilized amid the Middle and achaemenid periods between 728 and 330 BC.

Clay mugs

In the past, clay mugs were made totally by hand and made from clay paste. Clay was made, but afterward, with the improvement of industry, ceramics wheels were utilized in their development.

The date of development of the primary ceramics mugs, such as wooden mugs, isn’t known, but archeologists accept that the utilization of such mugs was broadly utilized in different civilizations around 6500 BC.

To begin with, the body of the Persian mug was made with the required plan, and after that the handles were made and associated with each other.

This strategy is still utilized in high quality craftsmanship workshops. An example of the oldest pottery mug found in the past dates back to around 5,000 BC and was found in Greece. Today, making all kinds of mugs or ceramic cups are due to using the experience of the past in making clay mugs.

Types of Persian mug or ceramic cup

  1. Metal mag: The history of this sort of metal mugs dates back to a few thousand a long time BC. Within the past, the exceptionally thick edges of these glasses made them unacceptable for drinking. After the mechanical insurgency and the improvement of the metal equipment industry, metal mugs were moreover made mechanically. Mechanical metal glasses had a basic appearance and lean edges. Be that as it may, due to the warm exchange by these metal glasses, which made it troublesome and indeed inconceivable to drink hot fluids, the generation of this sort of mug was exceptionally moo and was not very popular among customers. The primary metal mug found dates back 2,500 a long time in China.
  2. Ceramic cup or Persian mug: About 600 BC, the Chinese were able to design porcelain (a fabric utilized to form porcelain). With the development of these materials, ceramic mugs continuously found their put among the individuals. This fabric made it simple to drink hot and cold drinks in them. In expansion to mugs, this material has been utilized to form numerous other dishes, and the notoriety of this fabric among individuals has expanded each day. Ceramic mugs have too slowly supplanted numerous holders for drinking an assortment of fluids due to the wonderful plans utilized on them.
  3. Travel Mugs: This Persian mug (introduced in the 1980s) has heat-insulating bodies used to carry hot or cold liquids. Travel glasses, like liquid flasks, are usually well protected by a tight lid and completely prevented from spilling or leaking. Its contents can be consumed during transportation without spilling.
  4. Decorative Persian mug or ceramic cup: these mugs are regularly utilized as craftsmanship objects or in publicizing; A few sorts of ceramic mugs or glasses are utilized rather than drink glasses, as an enriching question in enhancement. These mugs are made completely different shapes and with distinctive plans and colors. Printing all sorts of plans and compositions gives them with an uncommon charm.
  1. Crystal Persian mug: Crystal is the other bunch of mugs made of a precious stone. These mugs have less fans than the ceramic sort, since due to the straightforwardness of the precious stone, their plan is basic and void of any kind of etching. In expansion, glass mugs are less safe to temperature changes and break effortlessly. By and large, a constrained number of them are set within the microwave or cooler to warm or cool the refreshment, as warm or cold may harm the gem, but crystalline mugs, not at all like ceramics, don’t alter color over time and get to be accelerated. Will not be. The cost run of a precious stone Persian mug is between 10 to 60 thousands tomans.

Crystal Persian mug

  1. Plastic mugs: A few Persian mugs are moreover made of plastic, which is less well known than other mugs, but the most highlight of the plastic Persian mug is lightweight, which makes it simple to transport. For this reason, plastic mugs are generally utilized for travel and are by no implies a great choice for regular utilize. The moment imperative include of plastic mugs is their capacity to keep drinks hot or cold. The plastic mug can be set within the microwave without any issues, but it is exceedingly dangerous against blazes. The cost of plastic mugs is set between five and 50 thousand tomans.

Plastic mugs 

Print designs and pattern on mugs:

With the approach of printing machines on dishes, mugs were moreover considered and different plans, pictures and compositions were utilized on them to pull in consumers. Along with the improvement and development of the printing industry innovation, the assortment of lovely plans on ceramic mugs and glasses too made critical advances.

Nowadays, printing on glasses is one of the foremost well known procedures in expanding enhancement. Indeed nowadays, numerous organizations, workplaces and companies, for their branding and promoting, broadly utilize an assortment of mugs as special endowments for their trade.

Printing on mugs or ceramic cups is ordinarily done as follows: To begin with, the ceramic powder is blended with the chosen paint colors and the plasticizer. At that point it is printed on a paper coated with gelatin.

Persian mug with Traditional Iranian designs

At that point, employing a conventional on-screen printing strategy, the blend is exchanged through a woven work that’s a cover of the specified shape and put on an outline on the surface of the Persian mug. This makes a flawlessly uniform and lean coating on the mug.

Another more sophisticated option is to cover the paper with a photographic emulsion and after that print the picture with bright light on the surface of the Persian mag. Clearly, with the advancement of computer innovation and the printing industry, the plausibility of printing interesting plans and pictures has moreover been given.

What is a thermal Persian mug?

The mug is the same glass in a bigger estimate and is as a rule made of ceramic or coated. Enchantment or warm mug is one of the alluring sorts of mugs that alter color. Warm mug or enchantment glass is made of ceramic, the external surface of which is impregnated with an uncommon oxidized ink, and when the Persian mug is at typical room temperature, it turns totally dark.

But as long as the hot fluid is poured into the mug, the dark color of the glass continuously changes and a design shows up on the glass or its color changes totally. Actually, with warmth, the oxidized ink coating on the surface of the Persian mug vanishes, due to the curiously property that these mugs have in changing color, which has caused them to become known as the enchantment glass.

Warm mugs are an astonishing and idealized blessing for any individual. These mugs are made of the leading materials and have a tall quality. This mag has gotten a parcel of consideration due to its structure and work

Print patterns and designs on thermal mugs:  Printing on warm mugs has no limits and you’ll be able to print any plan and design you need on it. There are materials around us that are touchy to warm and cold and respond to changes in temperature. There are moreover a few materials that alter color with changes in temperature and conditions, from these materials within the manufacture of numerous gadgets.

thermal Persian Mug

Utilized as warm mugs. The substances within the body of warm mugs that cause the color of the locodi fabric to alter color. These materials are delicate to temperature and are transitory colors that end up unmistakable when the temperature changes.

Thermal mugs are one of the most unusual and most prevalent glasses on the advertisement. Warm mugs are delivered in two models, matte and reflexive, which work within the same way.

The outer layer, which includes a mysterious property, is spread on the glass within the manufacturing plant with uncommon gadgets, and washing them does not cause any issue for them, but when washing, you ought to pay attention to the focus that the external surface does not have scratches and scratches. Warm remains until the end of time and will not be influenced by the entry of time.

How does a thermal mug work? Magic mugs are regularly made of ceramic, and due to the advance made within the industry, you’ll see curiously plans of mugs. To create enchanted or warm mugs, you select a ceramic mug coated with locoda fabric (oxidized ink), at that point toss your craved plan on a glass with a special device and cool it in quick fridges.

After cooling, you may see that your mug is totally dark, but by pouring hot fluids within the glass, the plan you’ve got chosen will show up and the dark color of the glass will vanish. Typically done since the body is oxidized ink. The glass secured with it is super touchy to warm and responds to warm.

Thermal mug is wonderful

Difference between ceramic cup and another glasses:

A ceramic cup or Persian mug may be a glass commonly utilized to drink an assortment of hot refreshments such as coffee, hot chocolate, soup or tea. Because it is generally huge and features a volume of almost 350 cc, which is indeed more fluid than standard 250 cc glasses, it is called a ceramic glass. The fabric of these glasses is clay or glass and it is secured with distinctive coats of ceramic or PVC. Mugs have bigger handles than customary mugs and are simpler for the shopper to utilize.

best persian mug

Introduction of shop Iran art:

Since the Persian mug (Iranian Mug) or ceramic cup is one of the instruments that everybody uses, it exists and is utilized in all nations. Nearly each nation produces mugs and these ceramic glasses are totally different materials. Iran is additionally one of the makers of Iranian mugs.

Iranian mages have a really tall quality and assortment; such a way that numerous locales presenting Iranian items to other nations moreover present Mug Ebrani. For case, the shop Iran art presents distinctive sorts of Iranian mugs, particularly mugs with unique Iranian parts and plans, to the individuals of Iran and other parts of the world.

What is a Persian mug?

These ceramic cups are mostly used for hot drinks such as coffee and tea. There are two types of mugs, some of which are larger than regular glasses to make it easier for us to drink.

What is a Thermal mug?

This mug is colorless and simple in normal mode and has a balanced temperature. But when a hot drink is poured into it, the image on the glass of a hot mug gradually appears.

What are the uses of Persian mugs?

Persian mug is one of the most popular glasses in the world. These glasses are used for drinking tea, coffee, and various beverages.

How to buy the best Persian mug?

To buy the best Persian mug, you can contact us right now. Our consultants show you the best Persian mugs.

What are the benefits of using a Persian mug?

It has a high resistance, increases the pleasure of drinking drinks for you, it is also used for home decoration.