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About Shop Iran Art?

Decorate your place

We help you to make you place of living, working and funning UNIQUE. The art of land of Persia have the long history for feeling you better.

support independent creators

It is our responsiblity to support the Perisan men and women to show their art to the people of world.

peace of mind

Land of Persia is the territory of peace and happiness. We join you our feeling with Iranian products and arts.

Miniature Jewelry Box, ECO Design 8

Do you know Persian Handicraft made by the People of Iran?

Have you heard about the art of Land of Perisa? This land has over 5000 years old and the Art can show a little bit of this history. We help you to getting know of Persian Handicrafts. Join us to see the handicrafts made by Iranian girls and also have the brochure with especial Coupon with 10% OFF and Worldwide transportation wherever you are. Please enter your email to have this brochure.