We began 10 years ago with the mission of introducing the unique culture, handmade crafts and stunning original beauty of Persian crafts all over the world. As an official registered company in Iran (Registration number 5080) our leaders have clients from more than 89 countries enjoy an shopping that will remain for decades.

We have developed our offers to new collections of local handcrafts that are not seen by tourists normally. Some of Shop Iran Art products may present in some similar websites but in our website you will buy directly from producers with high quality and reasonable price. Thank you for visiting Shop Iran Art, we look forward to the opportunity to provide you a unique element in your place or for gifts to your friends.

Now you can enjoy the pleasure of using a noble, beautiful and pure Iranian artwork lasting for decades. So try it for generations and generations! We send your order form Iran so you will have an original Persian handicraft.

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meet the team

We’re driven by the idea that the best work is born from diligence, craftsmanship and fun.

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h. Hassani
Chief Executive Officer

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Cyrus moghadam
Chief Financial Officer

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R. Hassani
Chief it Officer

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Melisa cage
Chief Marketing Officer

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maya bier
Chief customer Officer

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Sarah Stuart
Chief International Officer

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Nicolas Smith
Chief WAREHOUSE Officer

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omid kardar