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Do you know Turquoise?

Persian Turquoise is rare and valuable in finer grades and has been prized as a gemstone and ornamental stone for thousands of years owing to its unique hue. Of course, It is hard to find such art work outside of Iran. We help you to have Persian Turquoise in your lovely home.


About Turquoise stone:

Turquoise implies turquoise. Persian may be a characteristic hydrated aluminum phosphate that crystallizes in an ebb and flow, is blue with copper and is utilized as adornments. Turquoise with the chemical formula CuAl6 [(OH) 2 – PO4] 4.4H2O could be an uncommon and important mineral within the colors of the turquoise range (light blue to green) and from the phosphate category.

This mineral is molded by their turquoise and is utilized as a gem for Persian turquoise rings, pieces of jewelry, hoops and other gems. Carrying this stone is exceedingly prescribed in Islam as a ring.

Turquoise stone is found in blue-greenish-green colors. Turquoise can be found in numerous locales such as the Joined together States, Egypt, Iran, India, etc., which is the finest sort of turquoise within the world due to the expansion of turquoise veins from Khorasan to India, Neyshabur and Indian turquoise.

There is additionally a huge turquoise mine in Babak city of Kerman territory, which is comparable to Neyshabur turquoise. It is a deal, but it is more costly than Neyshabur turquoise, since there are gold streaks in this turquoise.

Nowadays Turquoise stone is found in 2 sorts: smooth (Ajami) and streaked (Shajari). In Iran, the Ajami sort has numerous fans. The Ajami sort of Neyshabur is exchanged at an awfully tall price. The color of turquoise is related to copper and press. Turquoise could be a living stone. Chemicals such as fats, acids, etc. cause harm to turquoise.

Turquoise stone or Turkish implies Turkish stone. The reason for this naming is that Iranian turquoise was traded to Europe through Turkey.

Turquoise stone is one of the valuable stones that has been known in Iran since antiquated times. The nations date back to the time of Cyrus and Darius the Extraordinary and were given as blessings by all the rulers. In Italy, smooth blue turquoise, known as blue pearl, is utilized as the foremost costly adornments.

Persian Turquoise stone


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