Persian Saffron (4.608 gr) Made in Iran


Iranian Saffron known as the “red gold”, saffron is a magical ingredient in Persian culture, from aromatic foods and colorful desserts, to the physical and spiritual medicine. Persian Saffron (4.608 gr) is an example of giving the best flavors to others.

Try the saffron tea: Take two or three stigmas and a few rose petals, put them in a small pot or large mug of hot, not boiling water. Let it brew for about 10 minutes. Enjoy it with a little bit of honey.

Try saffron milk: Grind a few stigmas of saffron and one cardamom pod, add it to milk and boil the milk till the color and the aroma reaches its highest. Enjoy it with some sugar or honey.

Sahar Khiz is one of the most famous brands for Persian saffron so you will have one of the best ones.

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