Gouache & Crayons Painting, Morning Radiance


Blue is the color of calm, truth, honesty, firmness and trust. Blue is soothing and white symbolizes youth, purity and peace.
The combination of these two colors in the decoration will be soothing to the soul and mind.

Gouache & Crayons Painting, Morning Radiance is an original item painted by Ms. Taraneh Moradi who is a Persian artist.  It is a 100% hand-painted gouache and crayons painting on paper. Its overall dimensions are 100 × 70 cm .The creator painterly act is expressive yet well thought of balanced, and showcase a communion with subject matter. Because of posting limitations we will send this item unframed. Delivery is in the form of tubular packaging in a protective cover.

Gouache & Crayons Painting, Morning Radiance is very beautiful and has a special quality in a way that everyone enjoys seeing. This beautiful painting is in one piece and you can install it on the wall. Unforgettable gift for every one! Next to this painting, you can use orange, gold and light pink colors and double the beauty of the wall.

We have just one available!