The Masterpieces of Farid al Din Attar (Persian – English)


Attar’s most famous poem by far is his Conference of the Birds (Mantiq al-tayr). Like many of his other poems, it is in the mathnawi genre of rhyming couplets. While the mathnawi genre of poetry may use a variety of different metres, Attar adopted a particular meter, that was later imitated by Rumi in his famous Mathnawi-yi Ma’nawi, which then became the mathnawi metre par excellence. The first recorded use of this metre for a mathnawi poem took place at the Nizari Ismaili fortress of Girdkuh between 1131-1139. It likely set the stage for later poetry in this style by mystics such as Attar and Rumi.

The Masterpieces of Farid al Din Attar (Persian – English) is one of the books that all poetry lovers should have this book.This book is a combination of famous poems of Aṭṭār in Persian and English.

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