Persian Turquoise Candy Dish, Royal Design


Candy Dish Royal Design with Turquoise on Copper is a combination of Khatam-kari on cooper and Turquoise (Firoozeh Koobi) so you have both arts in one.

It is a unique product that Isfahan artists have designed and implemented in all its elegance and have given it a beautiful look. For those who are interested in traditional Persian art, nothing looks attractive as a beautifully crafted and valuable dish that can be used to cater to guests. This beautiful hand made, blended with copper and turquoise stone, brings a beautiful blend of sparkling colors and copper that can shine beautifully in your living room.

You may buy some more Royal design samples, such flower vast, to complete a series in same design elements. Candy Dish Royal Design with Turquoise on Copper is one of the best choices you may consider as a decoration or a part of your party dishes. Turquoise Koobi is one of the newest arts that the use of turquoise and the art of picking these precious stones and polishing them is called turquoise.

The turquoise pieces used in this work are Neishabur’s high-quality Turquoise, which are made by the Master on the copper base and finalized.