Persian Hand Engraved 3 Fire Bronze Candlesticks Glazed Silver


Persian Hand Engraved or Traditional Hand Engraving or Ghalamzani Banquet on Candlestick Hand Engraving 3 Fire Bronze (Glazed Silver) is elegant hand engraved candlesticks 23 cm long makes the perfect gift for the holidays. The Bronze candlesticks add sparkle and elegance to any setting. Most Elegant and balanced candlesticks ever. Glazed silver on the hand engraving made it much more valuable and it makes this handcraft much more valuable and it will have no change in shining during years and years. Our 3 arm candelabras also make excellent Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday decor table centerpieces. The roles drawn on these craft are totally handmade. Therefore, the sample you reach may not be in line with the image you saw. We recommend buying two pairs to have a balance combination.