Persian Carpet: Blue Nain Pattern


Iran has a universal reputation in carpet weaving. Persian carpet is one of the main features of Iranian culture and art as well as one of the leading exports. Persian handmade carpets are well-known for their longevity, lavish textures, strong colors, and elaborate designs. They are natural dyes, traditional tribal patterns, as well as modern designs, but old techniques.

A Persian carpet is a heavy textile, made for a wide variety of utilitarian and symbolic purpose, produced in Iran for home use, local sale and export. Carpet weaving is an essential part of Persian culture and Iranian art.

Even today, with Iranians increasingly being swallowed up in the whirlpool of a fast expanding industrial, urban society, the Persian association with the carpet is as strong as ever. An Iranian’s home is bare and soulless without it, a reflection on the deep rooted bond between the people and their national art.