Persian Carpet: Cream Bidjar Pattern

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Beautiful and attractive roles on the front of the beautiful worm case have been painted on this carpet, which is surrounded by a cream colored border. This handmade carpet is suitable for placement in a one-dimensional space. Its length is nearly one meter and the width is about 70 cm. Pure carpet has a height of about two centimeters and is made of wool.

Persian Handmade Carpet, Cream Bidjar Pattern is high quality with very fine quality wool and silk. This carpet is made from natural dyes, so you want to look for colors that seem to come from nature: cochineal insects for reds, the indigo plant for blues, and pomegranate rind for shades of yellow.

In this handmade carpet, the pile is of sheep wool, it’s characteristics and quality vary from each area to the next, depending on the breed of sheep, climatic conditions, pasturage and the particular customs relating to when and how the wool is shorn and processed.

Bidjar is the name of a small Kurdish town in western Iran. Kurdish carpets are often very strong and compact. The most common patterns is the Herati ( also called fish pattern ), but also medallions and floral motifs occur.