Oil Painting, Qashqai Girl (Hand-painted)


Oil Painting, Qashqai Girl (Hand-painted) is a 100% hand-painted oil painting on canvas. Its overall dimensions are 120 × 120 × 3 cm and its frame diameter is 3 cm. Qashqai is a conglomeration of tribes in Iran consisting of mostly Turkic peoples but also Lurs, Kurds and Arabs. The Qashqai are pastoral nomads who rely on small-scale cultivation and shepherding. Traditional dress includes the use of decorated short tunics, wide-legged pants, and headscarves worn by women.

Oil Painting, Qashqai Girl (Hand-painted) is very beautiful and has a special quality in a way that everyone enjoys seeing. This beautiful painting is in one piece and you can install it on the wall. Unforgettable gift for every one!

We have just one available. Please contact us before submission your order.

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