Persian Gabbeh, 7 Colors Design


Persian Gabbeh, 7 Colors Design is dyeing with using natural colors, made this craft a permanent gift or a unique art in your house! It is a coarse carpet with high quality materials and a different art from the east!  This is a symbol of local songs in the red lights of evening in western mountains of Iran.

The wool is generally of good quality and natural colors are used in the handcraft.

This is the ancient art of nomads from Iran for you or your friends as a gift!

The nomads get their inspiration from the environments around them, which give a modern and exciting carpet.

Persian Gabbeh, 7 Colors Design knotted by semi-nomadic in west Iran. Weavers from India have acted quickly to copy these carpets, but one must pay attention to this as there is a major difference between a Persian and Indian Gabbeh carpet. Mostly this can be determined by the quality of the wool that is noticeable; the Persian variant is much softer.