4 Tips on Are persian carpets a good investment?

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4 Tips on Are persian carpets a good investment?

Persian carpets and rugs are beautiful, mysterious, and attractive elements that will last for generations. It is difficult to choose between the many options available in the market. in this article, we are talking about this question: Are persian carpets a good investment?

In this article, we try to share 4 tips with you that will help you choose the right carpet and rug for investment.

are persian carpets a good investment

Tip 1:

Buying Iranian carpets is an investment, so be prepared for a lot of money. Evaluate it by looking at the texture of the carpet and make sure you like its design. A carpet is of higher quality that has a higher density. The number of knots should not be less than 100 knots per 2.5 cm square. Some floral designs that have a lot of details have 300 knots per 2.5 cm square. The seller must provide you with complete information about the combination and the density so that you can decide on the quality of the carpet.

.For seeing all patterns of Persian Carpet, Click here.

4 Tips on Are persian carpets a good investment?

Tip 2:

Where the carpet is woven is also very important in choosing it. If you see that the carpet is made in China, know that you have gone the wrong way. Iranian carpets are the best and highest quality carpets available in the market. These carpets are expensive but also have a very long life.

Pay attention to the design and style of the carpet and buy a carpet that has a classic design, because the classic design never goes out of style. Designs and colors that are fashionable will soon go out of fashion and lose their value. A traditional design is not only unique and beautiful, but also always up to date.

Buying a hundred-year-old rug is also a great investment because the longer the rug lasts, the more valuable it becomes. Also, There are some other Persian Handicrafts are worth to have, including: Kilim, Gabbeh,  and Termeh.

On the back of each rug should be the type, origin, size, age, type of design and quality, manufacturing conditions, and other details. Get help from the seller and compare different carpets in terms of price so that you can finally choose the best option.

are persian carpets a good investment

Tip 3:

The first step in interior design is choosing the right rug, and after this step it is time to choose the color of the walls, chairs, cushions, and other components of the house. This way you can create a seamless design and have a unified color palette. After choosing a rug, try buying furniture and other decorative items. Beside, You can decorate you home with other Perisan arts. These are Marquetry and. Hand engraved. Do not miss to see them!!!

When buying a rug, bring a piece of curtain fabric and upholstery for your home. This will allow you to choose a rug that fits in well with the design of your home. Remember that dark carpets make the house look lower and light carpets make the house look taller. If you are not sure about your choice, do not worry, many carpet sellers, including shop iran art, allow you to use the carpet for a few days and then make your final choice.

4 Tips on Are persian carpets a good investment?

Tip 4:

Be patient when shopping and avoid hasty and thoughtless choices. Each Iranian carpet and rug has its own unique features and style. When making your choice, keep in mind that what you are buying has a long life and is a work of art. Inaddtion, There are some other Iranian arts. these are: Minakari and Persian Turquoise.

In this article, we give you useful information about the question “Are persian carpets a good investment?” Shop Iran Art is the official website for selling the Perisan Handicraft and provide the Iranian arts where ever you are. It is our honor to help you for answering your questions. If you have any question, Please contact us.

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