Persian Tapestry (Ghalamkar) Tablecloth, King Design


Persian Tapestry (Ghalamkar) Tablecloth, King Design implies the creation of a role on a linen cloth, which today is also done on other pieces.

In the past, Ghalamkar fabrics have served multiple purposes. The Persian Kings, nobles, and the upper class, wore Ghalamkar silk and cotton clothes ornamented with gold and silver. After finishing handcraft printing, they are, in the first stage, steamed for at least an hour to stabilize their designs. Then, taken to the riverbed and kept in some basins to be soaked well, in a great amount of running water. Afterwards, the pieces are piled in some large copper vessels containing stabilizers (liquid) and are boiled.

The art of printing on the cloth original from Iran for you or your friends as a gift!

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