Persian Qalamkar ( Tapestry ) Tablecloth, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque Dome Design


This sort of cloth is prepared of pure cotton. After finishing printing, they are, in the first stage, steamed for at least an hour to stabilize their designs. Then, the pieces are piled in some large copper vessels containing stabilizers (liquid) and are boiled. At the same time, they are turned upside-down by some wooden sticks and washed again in the water. A tapestry may be stamped depending on its density and size, between hundreds and tens of thousands of times. For instance, a six-person table-cloth (2 meters by 1.4 meters) should be stamped about 580 times in a normal work, while with the same size up to 4000 times in an elegant work. This Persian Tapestry is washable by hand and with water at 30 degrees Celsius.


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