Oil Painting, The Lotus Horse (Original)


Oil Painting, The Lotus Horse (Original) is a 100% hand-painted oil painting has a hand-painted patina. Its overall dimensions are 125 × 125 × 4 cm and its frame diameter is 3 cm.
This 100% hand-painted on wood is an original item and presented by Shop Iran Art Gallery.

Oil Painting, The Lotus Horse (Original) is handmade and completely painted by hand and delicately. In the background of the painting, a beautiful design that fits the painting is printed directly on the wood. The special design of this painting has caused the background color to be perfectly proportioned and does not fade over time and to be in harmony with its frame. The panel frame is made of first-class wood (MDF). Horse ridges are made of poly resin. The size of the board is 125 cm

We have just one available. Please contact us before submission your order.

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