Minakari Persian Enamel Plate and pot set


By Minakari Plate and pot set, you will find one of the best samples of Mina-kari. The colors used in the enamel are twofold: the plant colors used in the emblem and the colors of the metal. This set of pots and pots is one of our exclusive products. The pot is 200 g in weight and dimensions are 7 * 20cm and plate dimensions are 3 * 25. This product comes with an exquisite suede box with a glass door that measures 32 * 42 * 10 cm.  Minakari Plate and pot set will be a unique design in your place or for gifts to your friends! The roles drawn on this pug are entirely hand-crafted, so the sample that comes to your hands may not be exactly as pictured but the overall style is the same.