Termeh Tablecloth Diamond Design 5 PCs


Termeh Means a limber cypress and the curvature in front of God. 5PCS Termeh Luxury Tablecloth, Diamond Design are a combination of tablecloths for decorating your house with Persian ancient art.

Termeh Quilted Textile has originally known as a sort of hand weaved colourful textile with special patterns mainly Persian Paisley which was originated in Yazd. Traditionally, the cloth was hand-woven using natural silk and wool fibre. Weaving Termeh is a sensitive, careful and time-consuming work such that a good weaver could produce only 25-30 centimetres in a day. Although nowadays they are not 100% handmade, a good quality Termeh can be woven maximum of 100cm due to limited sewing machines for weaving Termeh. This is the art of eastern world from Iran for you or your friends as a gift!