Persian Wooden Candlestick, Angle Design


This Persian Wooden Candlestick here has a painting that has been produced with the technique of printing on wood. It is a 12cm height Russian-made wood that has a circular space for placing candles. The print is based on an engraving of authentic Iranian motifs that has been used by Iranian artists in painting and architecture. We suggest you use Wooden Candlestick, Angle Design together to create a beautiful layout. Lighting and lighting is one of the necessities of a good layout. For lighting it is best to use a candle on a table or table, which gives it a special look and feel. Candle light is soothing and energizing to individuals and the environment. You can create beautiful lighting for parties or double meals by lighting a candle inside this candle.Try something unique from eastern modern art as a gift to person you care or a unique decoration element in your house!