Persian Handmade Earrings Earth Design


Persian Handmade Earrings, Earth Design is a unique earring for the girl you love! This earring, with its dark blue from the deep and infinite ocean, will remind us of the golden tranquility of hope and a balance of life.The special Spherical shape of this necklace in combination with blue and gold has made this model a favorite among youth. With its golden line, our tranquility and hope will be reminiscent of us and a symbol of maintaining balance in life. The earring is made of ceramic earring painting technique. All metal parts used in this product are stainless steel and anti-allergenic. All products in this brand are heated at 1100 degrees Celsius and their sealant is fixed in the oven, so they are resistant to scratches and scratches. You may have a set of earring and necklace in Earth Design so take a look at Handmade Necklace, Earth Design. We know there’s a fashion design expert in you just waiting to burst out.