Minakari Persian Enamel Candy Dish, Exclusive Design (Christmas Offer)

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This handmade sweets holder decorated with colorful and baked coats is one of the distinguished courses of art in Iran. Minakari or Persian enamel, is defined as some sort of glass like colored coat which can be stabilized by heat on different metals particularly copper. Although this course is of abundant use industrially for producing metal and hygienic dishes, it has been paid high attention by painters, goldsmiths and metal engravers since long times ago.

Minakari Persian Enamel Candy Dish, Exclusive Design (*Christmas Offer*) will provide you a wide selection of usable house dishes for you to choose from to bring ancient art to your daily life! Or a permanent gift for your friends! It is the last one in our store.

It is the best and memorable choice as a Christmas gift for some one who you care about.🎄🌸🎄🌸

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